british accent complaints o.O

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british accents. we all love to interpret them. don’t lie lol. i know i have so many times…ohgosh~~

recently on my youtube account (tiaresmiles21) i’ve been getting a lot of comments regarding my attempt to have a british accent…idk why this all happening like RIGHT NOW. it’s weird…people, these videos have been up for like what…5 months now?! O: and only now you start to complain, great job guys.

i know i’m not the best at it…that’s why i don’t naturally have an accent, just understand that okay?!~ i’m sorry if you amazing british accent people get offended, we can’t just pick up your accent like that *snap* if just doesn’t click. we aren’t trying to make fun of you…we just wish we could have one. we think it sounds cool. 

so for people that keep telling me my accent sucks, it’s not even british, you suck and blah blah blah that i constantly keep getting…i really wasn’t trying to make it perfect. youtube is just a way i like to share topics i think about. it’s been gettting kind of annoying see how many comments regard my accent attempts (mostly in the harry potter vid) some of them were taken off cause they’re so harsh and embarrassing. 

so i’m writing this at 10:53 at night…this wordpress thing is pretty addicting ;D well…everything starts off like this. youtube was once my obsession…now…idk what happened. i haven’t made a vid in like…2 months! sorry guys! so many of you have been messaging and commenting asking everyday when a new video will come out. to tell the truth i really don’t know at this moment -.- but most likely i will have one out by let’s say mid september?! just keep bugging me about it and a video ought to appear soon 😀

anywaysss goodnight(:

❤ tiare


SHINee Wallpapers! :D

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yayyyy wallpapers we all love! of….SHINee (: ahhh they haven’t even been out for that long and already they are a huge success! 

they’ve got the dancing skills, amazing  looks and great singing, what more do they need?! and oh! we can’t forget their chic outfits that always consist of colorful skinny jeans ^^

here’s some computer wallpapers i’ve found throughout the internet. i have NO CREDIT over these and DO NOT own them…most are found on xD

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okay random thought…WHY ARE THERE NO SQUIRRELS IN HAWAII. i mean seriously! we have these nasty HUGE geckos or lizards but no squirrels…how depressing ):

iknow it’s kinda hard to get to a rock like hawaii…but all the other animals got here! we even have ELEPHANTS … in the zoo (hehe).~~ but still no squirrels. 

now if they can bring flippin’ huge elephants, giraffes and lions what’s wrong with bringing squirrels?! they’re so much smaller! because of the lack of squirrels here, when hawaii ppl go to the mainland we are confined to the oh so popular quote…”OMG A SQUIRREL (then points)” now don’t go rolling your eyes! i know you’ve said that before! xD…i’ve said that sooooo many times. ;D 

hmm i’m thinking maybe i need to post up my collage of squirrel videos…almost everywhere i go i film a squirrel somewhere, even if it’s not doing anything, seeing one is just like WHOA.

well…that was my random post of the day ^^ now you know what really goes on in this insanely weird mind of mine o_O have a nice dayyy(:

❤ tiare


D amazinggg

Enjoy this lovely picture i took of the fascinating squirrel i saw this summer at Andover. i also decorated it on my camera 😀 amazinggg


feel free to comment even if you don’t have a wordpress. just click the comment link right down there (down arrow ^^) all you have to do is type in your name…VOILA (:

whoohoo first post! ^^

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heyy, just got my wordpress thingy today! pretty exciting (; lol. just thought it would be a cool way to spend the last week of my summer, updating and all that. also i wanted to just post some stuff about my AMAZING ANDOVER EXPERIENCE this summer! (yes i went to hardcore boarding school over the summer…ik lol) ^^ umm what else…

i guess i’ll be using this as a reference site off of my youtube for people that keep messaging me with questions about my life or my videos. i think i’ll be putting up some updates on what’s going on with my youtube stuff once in a while.

check it out (:




I ❤ SHINee (: