about me (:

heyy, i’m tiare (pronounced t-r-a)

i’m pretty new with this wordpress thingy so bear with me ^^

anywayssss…umm i guess here’s a quick little bio on myself 😀


&& that's me(:



Name: tiare (aka tra)

i <3: SHINee

MSN: candycane20121@gmail.com

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/tiaresmiles21 (yes i do have a youtube lol…xD)

can’t live without:

1. pink IPOD

2. pink Blackberry Pearl

3. my friendsss (:

4. pink DS

(basically pink is my thing ^^)

i’m pretty much a girlie girl, love pink, love to shop, nails, all that fun stuff. my main passion is dancing, it’s been my thing since i was 3. anything from ballet, hip hop, street dance, jazz, hula, and most recently cwalking 😀 is what i do.

&& oh I’M OBSESSED WITH SHINee! 😀 i’m not korean nor do i know any korean…but i absolutely adore the korean language and k-pop. anything from SHINee – Big Bang – MC Mong – Wonder Girls – Kim Bum Soo and more I love sooooo much. xD

although i’m girlie i do have my gaming side o_O lol. wanna game sometimes or even just chat? hit me up on my~~

XBOX Live Gamertag: tiaresmiles21 (yes that’s real and i have one lol)

wanna talk or know more? feel free to comment (:

❤ tiare


One Response to “about me (:”

  1. Hey, your name pronouces like TIARA, right? you are beautyful. What are you doing?


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