SHINee Icons && Random Pics ^^

yay more SHINee thingsss(: so over the past few weeks that i’ve really started to LOVE SHINee, i’ve accumulated lots of random pictures, bio infor pictures && icons. I have NO credit what-so-ever over these. They come from wordpress, livejournal, fansites && SHINee’s site. Again these are NOT mine.




want more? click the link below^^

BTW: most of these are of Jonghyun because he’s one of my favorites ^^ i’ll be sure to get a bigger variety in the future though! Just comment on this post with what member you want more of && if you could also comment with what you’re using that would be great! thanksss<3







~ by tiaresmiles21 on August 22, 2008.

One Response to “SHINee Icons && Random Pics ^^”

  1. could you please make more of onew and keyy.
    thanks your the best.
    and i love all the picture you have here.
    super super super SHINee.

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