my pillow…stolen?! O:

goooood morning…WHOA JUST KIDDING it’s like 1 in the afternoon. gooood afternoon then lol.

a few days ago i arrived back home from a 5-week summer session program at Phillips Academy Andover ^^…BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. no jokeee

now at home on my bed there are 4 main pillows and then 3 decorative pillows, 7 pillows in all. this one main pillow i have is the only one that actually gets used by me, it’s the perfect size, shape and tenderness (if that’s even how you describe a pillow!~~) but when i got home something terrible happened to it…*gasp*

and i found this in google pics while looking up “pillow” … WTHHH! o:


okay seriously...who would think of

okay seriously...who would think of

click on link down there to read on ^^

it was gone…nowhere to be found…nada….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

i didn’t really notice this situation much on the first day cause i was just tired and wanted to go to sleep, regardless of what pillows were on my bed. but a few days after and especially waking up this morning, i’ve noticed it really is GONE. my neck hurts so much today, without that pillow to sleep on, my neck kills me the next morning. i really don’t know what it is…

this pillow of mine is really really REALLY flat you see ^^, i know that’s kinda weird…but it suits me so well. the mysterious thing is i still have 7 pillows on my bed. not one is missing, but it seems as if someone replaced my amazing flat one. and this really is not a laughing matter…although i’m laughing at myself writing this. ;D

i’ve gone into all the rooms in my house! mine, parent’s, brother’s guest room. IT’S NOWHERE )’: i just don’t understand how it can disappear, no one else in the house liked it. this is a disasterrr. o_O ughhh. but after all it’s just a pillow right…

kay actually not really…IT WAS THE ONLY PILLOW I SLEEP WITH. ): and now i have come to having my neck be sore every morning. whoohoo! not lol. but if it seriously is nowhere to be found this is really a problem. it’s like i need to put up “missing pillow” flyers or something. AHHHH.

hahah this post is kind of dumb…ohwell, i love posting to this blog (:

have a nice dayyy

❤ tiare


~ by tiaresmiles21 on August 21, 2008.

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