SHINee Love Like Oxygen MV DOWNLOAD

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okay i finally found a download link for the MV! (: credit:

Download Here!:



SHINee Love Like Oxygen MV + Pre-order the album! ^^

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mkay soooo the amazing song Love Like Oxygen now has a MUSIC VIDEOOOO. (: enjoyyy

ahhhhh isn’t it amazing?! (: gotta love all the hairstylesss.

don’t forget! Pre-order the NEW UPCOMING 1st ALBUM! comes out on the 28th!—>

SBS SHINee World + Love Like Oxygen Performance!!! ^^

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OHMYGOSHHH. you gotta LOVE this performance! new dance, and concept with chairs (: what an amazing performance! I love the different styles they keep trying, it shows so many different sides of them! enjoyyy the vid (:


SHINee – You’re Like Oxygen/Love Like Oxygen Mp3

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AHHH a song from the upcoming album! ^^

Love Like Oxygen/You’re Like Oxygen (산소 같은 너)

Download Here:

i absolutely LOVE this songgg!!!…i just wish i knew what they were saying! o_O lolll


❤ tiare

btw: here’s the fancam on their debut for this song at a concert 😀


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SHINee First Album! – SHINee World (:

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yayyy. SHINee’s first album will be released on August 28th, 2008. Look forward to it everyone (: i know i am!

cool pants ya?! ^^

cool pants ya?! ^^

Track List:

01. 산소같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen) / You’re Like Oxygen (Love Like Oxygen)
02. 누난너무예뻐 (Replay)
03. Real
04. In my room
05. 마지막선물 (LAST GIFT) (In my room -PRELUDE-)
06. 사.계.한 (Love should go on)
07. 내곁에만있어 (BEST PLACE)
08. 스쳐간다 (GRAZE)
09. Romantic
10. The SHINee world (DOO-BOP)



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SHINee Icons && Random Pics ^^

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yay more SHINee thingsss(: so over the past few weeks that i’ve really started to LOVE SHINee, i’ve accumulated lots of random pictures, bio infor pictures && icons. I have NO credit what-so-ever over these. They come from wordpress, livejournal, fansites && SHINee’s site. Again these are NOT mine.




want more? click the link below^^

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my pillow…stolen?! O:

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goooood morning…WHOA JUST KIDDING it’s like 1 in the afternoon. gooood afternoon then lol.

a few days ago i arrived back home from a 5-week summer session program at Phillips Academy Andover ^^…BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. no jokeee

now at home on my bed there are 4 main pillows and then 3 decorative pillows, 7 pillows in all. this one main pillow i have is the only one that actually gets used by me, it’s the perfect size, shape and tenderness (if that’s even how you describe a pillow!~~) but when i got home something terrible happened to it…*gasp*

and i found this in google pics while looking up “pillow” … WTHHH! o:


okay seriously...who would think of

okay seriously...who would think of

click on link down there to read on ^^

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